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Bro do you even lift?
Arms are taken by Soratane :P

Pham, also known as the unofficial tumblr PT. Ha. Ask away.

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This personal blog is a mess, have fun!
Anonymous said:
Where do you live bruh???

The gym

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mass effect 3 // concept art

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Wtf, earlier this morning. I had a dream that you and Elliet invaded my house, took all my food, my PS3, and my computer then ran away. Before you left though you were all like Loserrr LOLOLOL 😂

Sounds about right. Hah

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ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ Don't worry Pham, you really do radiate your inner gayness

All I radiate is muscles.

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Anonymous said:
i didn't know you are a lesbian ( i'm sorry, not insulting you)

But I look hella gay. Hah

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Anonymous said:
I'm converting to lesbian next week, once I'm done with the paperwork I hear it takes 2-3 business days to get pham-like biceps

Yas, if I recruit enough I’ll get a bonus on my next check.

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Anonymous said:
What's your sexuality?

People wonder why I have such good arms, it’s because I’m a lesbian. Hah!

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{ midsummer starry nights }

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Hey Phammy, I feel like this has been asked before so apologies if it is a repeat, but Recovery. When you first started lifting what helped you with recovering after a workout? My biceps and back thank you in advance for your help. T_T (I may have overdone it yesterday.)

A lot of stretching and protein, or you could sit in a corner and crey for days.

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thekenno said:
I just can't picture you wearing heels... even just remembering that photo you had of you in a suit... -mind blown-

I know right. Mind blown.

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Anonymous said:
Bruh, you're fucking awesome. Have a nice day!

I wore heels all night so I don’t know if this is nice. Ha

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Anonymous said:
Good afternoon! How are you doing today, ma'am?

I’m exhausted. Went swimming and swam into a wall hah. My shoulders ;(

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Another day, another sunrise
Washing over everything
In it’s time, love will be mine
The beauty and the tragedy

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