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Bro do you even lift?
Arms are taken by Soratane :P

Pham, also known as the unofficial tumblr PT. Ha. Ask away.

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This personal blog is a mess, have fun!
Anonymous said:
Ooh, lucky! Sounds like fun. Did you get Destiny to work yet?

I did. I’m still out right now but I’ll start playing it again when I’m home.

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"I want that for her, from the very bottom of my heart. “

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Anonymous said:
Pretty tired as well, just heading home from work. I take it you had a long day?

Not really. My friends showed up to take me out but I was still sleeping.

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Anonymous said:
Happy hump day! How are you doing this fine evening?

Thanks, same to you. I’m pretty tired but I still need to semi workout. How are you?

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Used by Lightning, the gunblades are capable of both melee and long-range use. Sergeant Major Amodar mentions that Lightning’s initial weapon, the Blazefire Saber, is a weapon only used by the most skilled soldiers.

texture credit, gunblade animation

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Lightning’s Outfits: Heart Stealer

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More new screenshots from The Last Of Us: Remastered (x)

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This is a tumblr hug. (✿づ◠‿◠)づ Pass this to 15 of your favorite blogs to let them know that you love them ♥ ♥ ♥ 💪💪💪

Aww shucks. Thanks Bean! ❤️ Better be prepared for our crazy adventure✌️

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Where's my girlfriend Leona?
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ffxiii casta {flower&color} study
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Two sides of the same coin.
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